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Just hit 'Submit' for a default 12-week projection of solo-mining with an S9 without taking into account any mining costs. Play with it from there :)

Author's Note: this calculator does not use the traditional percentage-increase in difficulty that is commonplace. A percentage increase every fixed-time difficulty period implies a geometric (ie: non-linear) increase in difficulty. Effectively we would be modelling that every single week a greater number of miners come online than did the week before. I don't think that makes any sense for a supply-constrained resource like miners. If the miner-supply situation changes significantly enough, I'll revisit this assumption.

Looking at the graph on the home page, the difficulty increase is in fact pretty linear, albeit with larger "bumps" when the miner batches are released. Modelling that with a fixed difficulty-increase-per-week therefore makes a lot of sense to me.